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Wedding FAQs

Some of our guests are staying in other hotels; will they be able to join us for our hotel ceremony and reception?
Yes, your guests are more than welcome to come and join you for your wedding reception. However, a Day Pass will need to be purchased in advance by each non-resident guest to gain entry to the at the Aliathon Holiday Village. For prices and explanations of the day passes available please download the following PDF with all the information you may need.

Can wedding parties be on different board basis?
For groups and/or wedding bookings, please note that if members of the party are on an All-Inclusive basis, then it is our hotel's policy that all other bookings must be on the same board basis in order to be accepted. 

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?
In case of any unexpected weather conditions, while you have required your wedding reception to be held outdoors, we will move your wedding reception to one of our indoor venues

Can we bring our own recorded music? If yes, which devises can be used?
Please feel free to bring any preferable music on any of the following devices:
- IPod
- USB Stick 
- Any other device with AUX connection

When do we get our Marriage Certificate?
The officially signed Marriage Certificate will be given to you on the wedding day. 

Will be the wedding certificate be in Greek?
No the wedding certificate will be in English

Will the ceremony be in English?
Yes. Whether you choose a Civil, Anglican or Catholic service, all ceremonies are conducted in English Language. 

How long will the wedding ceremony take?
This will depend on the type of ceremony you have; a church wedding will last 20-40 minutes and you can discuss the order of service, hymns and wedding music with the priest at the pre-wedding meeting. Civil ceremonies are conducted by the local mayor or marriage officer and are shorter lasting around 10 minutes. 

What vows will we take?
The vows are the traditional ones taken in the UK for church ceremonies. In town halls they are similar to registry office vows in the UK during a blessing you may add your own vows.

How do I get my wedding dress over?
Your wedding dress supplier will know how to advise you regarding packing; they will normally have special boxes for the occasion.

How many guests can come to my wedding?

The number of guests depends on the capacity of the venue you choose. At the Aliathon Holiday Village there are many different venues to choose from which can satisfy the needs of every type of wedding. In the unlike event that your guests do not stay at the  Aliathon we will need organise day passes for them to be admitted to the Holiday Village.

Do we have to have witnesses?
You will need two witnesses to sign your marriage certificate. Your witnesses must be over eighteen years of age. If you are not having any guests at your wedding we are pleased to provide witnesses for you.

Which name should the bride travel under?
It is best if the bride travels under her maiden name for the whole holiday as the name on her flight ticket has to match the name on her passport.