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Swimming Pools

The Aliathon Holiday Village offers an extensive range of stunning swimming pools, each with their own design and ambience in order to fulfil all of the family’s senses.

Faros Pool
Located in the heart of the Fishing Village, is the biggest pool in Cyprus! The visually stunning 3000m2 freestyle pool is split into two halves by the bridge going to the unique and picturesque lighthouse. 
Splash Pool (Mini Water-park)
With its fun and creative design of jets, slides and tipping buckets, the Splash Pool is known as the splashing heart of the Fishing Village. No matter whether you are young or just young at heart, the Splash Pool keeps all of the family cool, safe and extremely happy! 

Aegean Pool
The Aegean Pool offers a special setting in the quiet gardens of the Aegean Village. This pool is a haven of beauty and tranquillity perfect for a couple or a family looking to relax. 


Swim Up Pool
Located in the new developed section of the Aegean Village, the Swim Up Pool offers a touch of luxury where guests can swim up to the pool bar for a cooling refreshment or up to their balcony to relax on their private terrace.
Lagoon Pool
Set in a rock lagoon pool design, with a walk in approach, the crystal clear waters of the Lagoon pool cool you down even on the hottest of the days. It’s favoured by families and couples all summer long in the Aegean Village. 

Indoor Pool
In the peaceful location of the Faros Spa, the indoor pool is the key place to unwind and escape the summer heat. With an adjoining Jacuzzi pool (whirlpool), you really won’t find a more relaxing getaway.